Charrie and Kaushik Ray

At CKR, we value our clients and we give them our all. We work as a family unit and we strive to do our very best. 

We are proud local Windsor company, however, we are excited to welcome clients from all over the globe. Kaushik Ray is originally from West Bengal, India and Charrie Ray is originally from Michigan, USA. Though our home has been made in Ontario, Canada, we understand the importance of working together with our neighbors to achieve greatness. 

Charrie Ray, head of the Web Design department, pays attention to the details and ensures all preferences, both big and small, are met to her full capabilities. She works with the clients to bring the vision of their business to their internet audience. 

Kaushik Ray, head of all things technical, has designed his hosting system from the ground up. He takes charge of all the servers, the IT, the emails and the making sure your website runs smoothly. 

Both Kaushik and Charrie Ray have graduated from great universities with degrees in Electronics, Communications, Engineering and Biology. They capabilities are only limited by their willingness to learn and improve upon themselves and their knowledge base.

The philosophy of CKR is that hard work and consistency can bring about change. The willingness to listen and apply what we learn can lead to diverse and powerful messages. Choose CKR for your needs and we promise, you won't be disappointed.

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