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This is a question we get most often and the answer is definitely, yes. When the client purchases a domain name, wherever they may purchase it from, they can always change the name servers of the domain name from the site where they purchased from, in order to allow the new server host access to their domain hosting. We do provide tutorials for how to do this and it's really simple and takes between an hour to 24 hours to switch over to the new host.

Currently, CKR Websites is taking Paypal, E-transfer and Cash, but we hope to expand to the major credit cards in the near future. 

The answer to this question varies because the content for the page has to come from the client as CKR Websites can only provide so much. Once the content is provided (i.e. descriptions, prices, pictures, products, processes, etc) then making the website can actually happen very quickly. We most likely will have multiple drafts as requests for changes can be made from the client such as content delivery, fonts, color schemes, placement and more. Overall the process can go quickly or slowly, but it greatly depends on the client's participation. 

When you task CKR Websites with building you a website, we do require a 50% non-refundable deposit that will be put towards your total bill. Once the website is complete, before making the website live, we will require that you pay the remainder of the amount in full. If you are not 100% in love with your website or if you can not pay the remainder in full, we will keep the deposit to pay for the time our designer has put into the website. 

We do offer a tutorial to switch your domain over to our hosting plan that can be found by Clicking Here

Yes, you absolutely can. We will just charge you the difference in price between the packages. 

This answer totally depends on the complexity with which we are building the account. It could take a week or a month. It really depends on complexity and your preferences with how much detail you want involved in the account. 

Our operating hours are 10:00 am to 10:00 pm monday through saturday and we are closed on sundays. If there is an emergency, we will handle the situation on a case-by-case basis. 

In order to create the best overall customer experience, we encourage our customers to leave all the hard work and technical details to us. We work very hard to meet and satisfy all your needs. 

Yes, the account is backed up every day to a backup server to ensure all your data and details are kept safe and secure. 

We do offer a discounted rate for charities and business centers. Please contact us for further details. 

After one year of hosting with CKR Websites, we hope you are happy with your hosting services and will continue to host with us. You will need only to renew your year with the hosting and optional web Email. We would be happy to work out a plan with you for your updates throughout the year customized to your specific needs and add that to your total before renewing. 

After the alloted website updates with your package have been used to their full extent, we will offer more updates as needed starting at $20.00 per update, depending on the extent of work the update requires.   

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